A big "Thank You" to all our clients who took time off their busy schedule to express their satisfaction on our website.
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"Thank You for the healthy, playful and lovely Labrador puppy. we will recommend you to our friends who will love to have a parrot as a new family member"

Tammie and Corrie Primeaux

english labrador

"Am sorry to say that i had some doubts from the beginning but i decided to give it a try. i was surprised when i saw your delivery van in front of my house. i want to say Thank You so much"


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Deuce came into our life December 30, 2019. He is absolutely perfect. Loves to play and is very sneaky. He is so full of life we never have a full moment. Thank you


I picked up Chloë on 3/2/20. When I first saw her she looked at me and it was love at first sight. She stole my heart and I cannot imagine life without her. She loves to give kisses and cuddles up with me on movie nights. She is loved by everyone in our family. As you can see from her picture she is VERY CUTE!!!! Super friendly and always wants to go outside or for a ride in the car. She loves ridding in the car every single day. I have to thank the Breeder for helping me find just the right addition to my family. Chloë is the best little dog ever!!!!!She will be 1yrs old on 1/6/21 and just like my kids she is gonna have her very first birthday party.

Anita Ferebee

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We have had Jasper who we renamed “Ripley” for about a month now, and he is the perfect little puppy he is so loving, sweet, and playful. He gets along with our other 2 cavachons wonderfully. We were looking for one last puppy for our household, and It’s like he was made for us, when we saw him on this site we knew he was the one for us. He was a Christmas present from my husband, we drove 9 hours to get him from a 5 star breeder, and they were fantastic to deal with, they were so kind, helpful, and informative. We had “Ripley” vet checked as soon as we got him and he is in perfect health. We couldn’t be more happier with having him. He has brought so much joy and happiness to our home

Tracy Walls

We wanted to get a dog for our daughter for Christmas. We were very lucky to have found This Breeder. She and her husband were so nice and each time we went there we stayed for over an hour. All of their dogs are loved and well taken care of. Pippy is sweet and loving and makes our daughter so happy. We highly recommended this Breeder website to anyone who is interested in getting a healthy puppy.”

Amy Amadoro

Yesterday, December 7th, Moses celebrated his second birthday. I got Moses from this breeder's wesite . Ever since I brought Moses home, he’s always been able to put a smile on my face each and every day. He loves to play during the day and snuggle at night. So happy with my decision with this Breeder!

Zachary Pinkosky

Cookie is so adorable! She has a great personality and instantly became a member of our family. She is really smart and people always say she is very beautiful when we go for a walk.
Rachel Ebersol has done a great job breeding such wonderful labrador retrievers.

Angie Sansing

Thank you for Lucy. after losing our first dog of 11 years we were afraid to open our home and hearts to another dog, but when we came across Lucy’s pic it was love at first bark lol. we absolutely love and adore her. she is one very crazy lovable pup. cant believe she will be 1 in November.

John and Romaine Romeo

Has the cutest personality !! She has transitioned so well; eats all of her food regularly - roams throughout the house like she has known her surroundings all of her life- sleeps great at night in her little bed beside our bed with her stuffed animals . We are so pleased!! Love her already so much!! What a great addition to our family- btw- we named her Sophie. Laurie fuller

Jessica Cissel

My GiGi is the Queen of the house and is so spoiled. She has such a sweet personality and is so funny. When we take her in the car she loves to get on my shoulder and look out the window. She is truly the best car rider. Everywhere I take her people have a fit over her. Thank you for letting me buy her from you. It was the best thing I have done in a long time. She is great company for me.

Kendra Barton

Brittany, just wanted to let you know that Lucy our little shih tzu is adjusting well to her new home and enviroment. She is doing very well in all aspects-eating resting,training, etc. Everyoe loves our new addition. It was a pleasure working with you. Thanks so much for our new angel.

Cindy DeVries

Bella is happy and loved very much! Not to mention she is our diva baby...Bella is doing great and loves children. She went to the vet today and she is a perfect baby girl weighing 2 pounds. Thank you for raising such beautiful and adorable puppies. Looking forward to Bella having a little sister soon. Karry Pack & Family

Amber May

Chipper (Now Hunter) is a very happy puppy with our family and we love him very much! He such a sweet baby, and there is never a dull moment in our home. He brings us such joy and laughter with his outgoing personality! Thank you so much to the Breeder's family! I am very happy with my decision to adopt a Puppy from your website, and forever greatful!.”

Latoya Murry

I wanted to thank You for Conrad, now named Bear. He is a great little guy and a huge bundle of energy! He was socialized great and everyone comments on how good he is

Missy Troy

Oliver was an anniversary gift for my parents. He is perfect. My parents adore him til no end.. He is great with all the grandkids too. He is a perfect fit.. Love this guy.


Our little buddle of joy is named Daisy May, she is full of energy and very sweet... The whole family is so happy and excited to have her as a new edition to our home!

Kristyn and Matt

We have had our little Labrador Retrievers for 2 weeks now! He is perfect in every way.... Has been sleeping through the night after a week, plays all day, and is doing fantastic with potty training! We adore him! Thank you! Thank you!

Jenna & Jon

Just a quick update on Gabriella "Gabby" She is flourishing and the most wonderful puppy we could possibly have chosen, she goes to anybody, sleeps all night, never cries, is nearly potty trained to pads and she is my Uber Ambassador of my car, she goes with me on my days to work and entertains my riders as I drive them through the city of New Orleans, thank you thank you for the wonderful raising you provided to our precious little girl!

April Wilhite

Hi!! I just wanted to update you about Margarite...we re-named her Ariel and she is an absolute joy and blessing!! My family and I love her so much!! My parents actually beg me to bring her home and call her their grandbaby. She has such a diva personality and she lets it be known that she is the Princess of the house. lol Thanks so much for blessing us with her!

The Nieves Family